Below are just a few of the many comments which have already been received by us from the proud owners of Freudian Slip and Vintage Zoo Creations.

The bag was a brilliant purchase as it is so unique and beautifully made. It unusually is used to hold my daughter’s hair brushes and ribbons and is a lovely feature in her very pink bedroom. I left the design to Caitlin to come up with something girly, pink, pretty and she out-did my expectations. I will always use the bag and hope that others may enjoy them as I have! – Kelly Ross-Howard, London

I love my Bucket Bag! People are always commenting on it and asking where I got it! – Fotini, Melbourne

I love using my bag, in fact I like it so much I bought a second as a friend wanted my first one so much I had to give it to her! The fabrics are completely unique, in wonderful colours and the design simple and practical. It hooks onto a buggy handle (a stylish summer changing bag) but looks just as great on my arm when I am out without children. In fact, I have been stopped more than once by complete strangers asking me where I got it. It’s the perfect size, and I love the fact that its reversible, pattern and plain, and both in beautiful fabrics. – Vivien Wheeler, London

The fabrics are simply gorgeous! The designs are beautiful and it’s great to be able to give a gift you know has been hand made with love. – Amy Valent Curlis, Melbourne

The Freudian Slip bag I bought recently has attracted so many compliments from my friends who all wanted to know where I bought such a beautiful and versatile bag. Being reversible and made from such unusual and colourful fabric has meant it goes with so many of my outfits and generally brightens up my day. They are such fun bags! – Moyra, Melbourne

I bought a reversible handbag from Freudian Slip as a present for my sister. Not only did she love the look of it and carries it everywhere, but she wanted to know the details of this website so that she can check out what else Freudian Slip offer. This is a place that I would definitely recommend to gift buyers. – Alex Wark, London

I am loving my Freudian Slip bag! It is the perfect accessory and so versatile! I love being able to turn it inside out and change the colour when I need a different look. I usually do this with the change of seasons and it makes me feel I have two handbags in one. I have been spreading the word about them, which is easily done because people are always asking me where I bought it! I think you have a wonderful product and I love, love, love my bag! Thank you! – Nikole, London