As you may be aware, our friends at Australia Post have mixed things up a little and changed the way they charge for postage. So now it’s not just about weight, it’s also about the dimensions of a package that are considered when it comes to costing up postage. SO, if you are making your payment via cheque, money order or PayPal, we will need to factor in the cost of postage into your payment. Which means the best thing to do, when placing your order with us, is to let us know two things before you make payment:

  1. What would you like to order? (Product AND quantity)
  2. Where would you like your order to be delivered?

That way, we can let you know exactly how much postage will cost, you can include this in your payment and your purchase will be delivered to the exact right spot and we’ll all be full of  ♥ and glee! YAY!